NXDN Services




Are you looking into using NXDN Digital Services, capable of talking through-out Central & South Florida for true Digital Two Way? Need an onsite private system for your Convention Center, Banquet Hall, or Factory? Don’t rely on FRS radios for this.

NEXEDGE® systems are configurable in traditional conventional, trunked and wide area trunked network operation modes. IP connectivity for NEXEDGE® trunked sites provides expansion over existing LAN/WAN assets and services.

All NEXEDGE® system operational modes – conventional, trunked and networked – share exceptional feature benefits. The 65,519 IDs for a conventional system and 60,000 IDs for a trunked system accommodate large fleet and multi-user shared systems for dispatch talk group calling and individual private unit-to-unit calling. Unit ID/Group ID validation facilitates subscriber access and call privileging. Paging reduces unnecessary voice traffic and each subscriber unit stores the last 5 pages for recall. Especially useful on mobiles, a voice storage option can be added for stored-voice message paging. Emergency features can alert a dispatcher, a supervisor or a whole talk group to a unit in distress. The All Group Call feature supports system/facility-wide general, emergency or evacuation communications. Also, NEXEDGE® original Over-the-Air Alias provides instant caller ID regardless of fleet programming. Remote Stun and Kill features temporarily or permanently disable lost or compromised subscriber units to prevent system interference, while Remote Check enables a dispatcher to make non-voice in-range subscriber unit checks. All subscribers have simultaneously voice and GPS capability for automatic fleet tracking.