NEXEDGE® VHF/UHF Digital & Analog Portable Two-Way Radios

General Features
NX-220/320 VHF and UHF 5 W radios deliver a full featured digital portable radio solution to enterprise, local government and SMR subscribers.  The latest NEXEDGE® portables boast a newly designed ultra-compact platform with all of the high performance RF specifications and MILSTD 810 & IP54/55 ruggedness of Kenwood’s flagship NEXEDGE® models. These new models come in three user interface configurations, including the first NEXEDGE® non-display model for users that need a limited number of channels or trunked talk groups.  True to NEXEDGE® multi-system migration-ready tradition – analog, NXDN® conventional, and NXDN® trunking are included in all models and include the latest V2.5 enhancements such as OTAP over-the-air programming and ground-breaking NEXEDGE® enhanced audio refinements.
NEXEDGE® was designed to provide advanced communication solutions that meet the needs of private enterprise and public sectors today and in the future. NEXEDGE™ includes features such as FM Analog @ 25 and 12.5 kHz channels, NXDN® digital @ 12.5 and 6.25 kHz channels, compliance with current frequency assignments, and NEXEDGE™ will easily convert to very narrow bandwidths in the future.
General Features
5W (136-174 MHz)
5W (400-470, 450-520 MHz)
260 CH-GID / 128 Zones (LCD Models)
64 CH-GID / 4 Zones (Non Display)
Single Zone / Multi-Zone / List Scan
Single Priority Scan (Conventional)
12-Key Keypad Models
8 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
Backlit LCD & Keys
16th-Position Selector Stop (see notes)
4 Front/3 Side PF Keys (Emergency/AUX)
Built-in Motion Sensor
500 mW Speaker Audio
Zone / Ch# Voice Announcement
IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion
12.5 kHz Analog Channels
6.25 & 12.5 kHz NXDN® Channels
Analog Conventional & LTR® Zones
NXDN® Conventional & Conventional IP
NXDN® Trunking & Multi-Site Networks
NXDN® Scrambler
FleetSync®/II, MDC-1200, DTMF, QT/DQT & Two-Tone
Voice Inversion Scrambler (16 Codes)
Download File Type Description Release Date
Download Brochures Product Brochure Aug 28, 2012
Download Catalogs LMR Full Line Catalog (PDF) Jul 23, 2013
Download Catalogs NEXEDGE Catalog (PDF) Jul 23, 2013

Note: Kenwood USA Corporation is committed to a policy of constant improvements in features, quality and performance. To accommodate these improvements, all technical information and specifications are subject to change without notice.