NEXEDGE® 800 MHz Digital and Analog Portable Radio

General Features
Kenwood’s newest NEXEDGE® model, the NX-420, is a high performance 800 MHz 3 Watt portable in an ultra-compact, rugged MILSTD 810 & IP54/55 platform. The NX-420 has exceptional yet practical user interface with four PF (programmable) control keys, an ergonomic 12-button keypad and a bright, widely viewable 8-character alphanumeric LCD.
The NX-420 digital portable stays true to the NEXEDGE® migration-ready tradition with multiple operating modes including analog conventional, analog LTR, NXDN® conventional and NXDN® trunking capabilities- PLUS, it has OTAP over-the-air programming and the groundbreaking NEXEDGE® audio refinements.
The NX-420 and associated accessories are in stock and available for order placement and delivery.
General Features
3W (806-870 MHz)
260 CH-GID / 128 Zones
8 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
Backlit LCD & Keys
Single Zone / Multi-Zone / List Scan
Single Priority Scan (Conventional)
4 PF Keys /12-Key Keypad
16-Position Selector
4 Front / 3 Side PF Keys (Emergency/AUX)
Built-in Motion Sensor
500 mW Speaker Audio
Zone / Ch# Voice Announcement
IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion
6.25 & 12.5 kHz NXDN® Channels
Analog Conventional & LTR® Zones
NPSPAC Channels
NXDN® Conventional & Conventional IP
NXDN® Trunking & Multi-Site Networks
NXDN® Scrambler
FleetSync®/II, MDC-1200, DTMF, QT/DQT
Voice Inversion Scrambler (16 Codes)
Some features may be model specific.  For a complete list of product features and specifications, please download the product brochure.
Download File Type Description Release Date
Download Brochures Brochure (PDF) Jul 23, 2013
Download Catalogs LMR Full Line Catalog (PDF) Jul 23, 2013
Download Catalogs NEXEDGE Catalog (PDF) Jul 23, 2013

Note: Kenwood USA Corporation is committed to a policy of constant improvements in features, quality and performance. To accommodate these improvements, all technical information and specifications are subject to change without notice.