Coverage Map

Coverage Maps:
Lakeland, Florida Tower
Wide Area Map
Tampa, Florida Tower
Oldsmar, Florida Tower

Map 1 is our Local Analog Trunk, and Digital conventional systems.
Map 2 is the coverage using the Florida Wide NXDN Trunked Radio Network.
Map 3 is our coverage using the Tampa NXDN Site.
Map 4 is our coverage using the Oldsmar NXDN Site.

*approximate coverage area, see note below


This color chart is a general representation of expected UHF two-way radio coverage.

The violet-blue area’s result in 95 % coverage 95% of transmissions based on 45 watt mobile radios with 5 dB gain antennas mounted on the highest point of a vehicle, truck or rolling equipment. Bright yellow is typical 4 watt portable coverage free space, no in-building or in-vehicle, as these devices diminish receiver and transmitter ability. Always consult with a two-way radio service provider for questions, concerns or ask for an in house equipment demonstration prior to purchase.


MAP 1: Sunstate Tower Coverage area



MAP 2 – Florida Wide Area Trunked Radio Coverage as of 2017


Map 3 – Tampa Site

Map 4: Oldsmar Trunked Site